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Unplug and Connect

The freedom and flexibility that comes along with establishing a reliable wireless network allows employees to maintain business as usual, even when they are working from remote locations.

Combining the best elements of wireless and wired networking, Annese mobility solutions will ensure that you’re never unplugged from your networks, until of course, you want to be.

What You Get

An Annese unified wireless network improves accessibility and responsiveness, and speeds business processes by enabling employees, no matter where they are, to:

  • Respond to customers, colleagues, and constituents from anywhere, including the office, home, hotel, or any Wi-Fi location.

  • Gain full access to the business network anywhere there is an internet connection.

  • Answer a phone call from the desktop or mobile phone as if they were in the office.

  • Leverage mobility services such as voice, instant messaging, email, and network resources in real-time to accelerate decision making and boost business productivity.


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