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Off-Site Back-up

Use It, So You Won't Lose It

Backups in the IT world are a necessary evil, like having insurance. They are often overlooked or don’t get the attention they require. For years, backing up Cisco Unified Communications systems reliably off-site has been a challenge. 

Since Cisco Unified Servers have switched to Linux-based in recent years, the backup process for these devices has also changed. The best solution to remove risk and complexity is to have the Cisco Unified Servers back up to an off-site location where the process is monitored for success.

What You Get

Today, Annese can back up your Cisco Telephony Servers securely off-site, for the first time. This month-to-month service is monitored by the Annese Managed Services team who will work closely with our customers to initiate the set-up and provide ongoing management.

  • Call Manager Cluster (with or without CDR)
  • Unity Connection Cluster (with or without greetings and messages)
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Cluster
  • Cisco Unified Presence Cluster


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