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& Integration

Operational Excellence, Guaranteed

Annese’s Clifton Park office is home to our staging center; the breeding ground for operational excellence.

There, our team of highly trained and certified engineers begin integrating the appropriate hardware into your network in advance so that by the time it gets to your site, it is fully functioning and ready for use.

We know you rely on the technology we deploy to manage your daily business operations, and this is not something we take lightly. As a component of our professional services methodology, Annese offers staging and integration services to ensure that a timely and effective installation is achieved each and every time. 

What You Get

Our staging and integration services provide:

  • Verified Delivery: Our team is always looking for ways to optimize efficiency and save you time and hassle. We master pack and palletize your order to consolidate your shipments and will even remove your old hardware on an as-needed basis.

  • Quality Assurance: No need to worry about finding a dedicated space at your site to receive and validate multiple shipments. Annese will receive the deliveries and confirm that all of the order specifications have been met and assessed for damage. Additionally, we pre-load the most current version of the software/IOS before it is shipped to you.

  • Plug-and-Play Deployment: We're hard at work configuring your equipment in our own controlled environment to test for, mitigate, rework, and roll back any DOAs. We put the time in upfront to ensure that all of your hardware components are rack-ready when they arrive to your site. Annese will manage return merchandise authorizations (RMAs) from our facility as needed.



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