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A More Elastic Footprint

If your child has ever missed the bus, then you understand server virtualization.

Your car represents a single, dedicated physical server running your child to and from school. The school bus represents a host running a large number of students to school. Each student is still very much an individual, just as each virtual server can continue to support an individual purpose; yet, they are all sharing a ride and better utilizing resources.

The financial impact to each household to procure and operate a bus fleet is lower than the impact on time, wear, resources, infrastructure, and frustration that would result from driving each student to and from school in their own car.

What You Get

Reduce power consumption and operational costs by consolidating servers onto a smaller footprint leveraging fewer physical hosts and shared storage to:

  • Simplify physical and virtual networks, reducing costs while increasing manageability.

  • Scale better and more rapidly, with lower infrastructure cost per server.

  • Deliver greater performance for virtualized environments through a better balance of resources.

  • Increase responsiveness to changing workloads and conditions through increased flexibility.



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