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Meet the
Annese Team

“The success of any company begins with its employees. I am pleased to say that the Annese & Associates’ family of employees are the heart and soul of our past and our future.”

-Frank J. Annese, Founder

With a passion for making connections, Annese is committed to making the world a better place to work, learn, and live, one community at a time. Collectively, we aspire to maintain the highest standards of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Teamwork, and Leadership in all of our daily interactions with our customers, our partners, and with each other.

“This family-owned company makes sure its employees know how much they’re appreciated. Annese employees rave about their comprehensive benefits package, which includes a 401(k) savings plan, fully paid medical and dental plans, life insurance, and more. A full 97 percent of employees say they’d like to work here for a long time, seven points above the benchmark for even the top companies.” 

-Sarah Lewis-Kulin
 Vice President and Senior Editor, Great Rated!



Leadership Team

Committed to designing and implementing the company's strategy and vision while upholding exceptional levels of customer and employee satisfaction. 


Management Team

Dedicated to ensuring ongoing organizational success by cultivating individuals and teams, managing departments, and driving customer satisfaction.



Where We’ve Been...

In 1970, Annese & Associates, Inc. is founded by Frank J. Annese in Herkimer, NY as a communications technology sales company. In 2009, company ownership transitions to Frank's four daughters and Ray Apy is appointed President & CEO. The company moves its headquarters to Clifton Park, NY, and fully evolves from a product-led VAR into a services-led solution integrator.

Where We’re Headed

Due to our impressive 47 years of expertise, relationships, and innovation in the IT space, and strong presence in New York and the Northeast, Annese has been acquired by ConvergeOne. Ray Apy will continue to lead Annese as Senior Vice President. We are excited to combine our collective strengths and continue serving our valued customers as Annese, a ConvergeOne Company.


Heard through
the Halls

Brent Jones

“Annese has the reputation for outstanding customer service. They conduct business in an exemplary manner. As a previous customer, I wanted to be a part of that team.”

Christina Nordquist

"Annese gave me my first home after graduating from college and I could not have asked for a more encouraging, challenging, or exciting company to build a career at."

Shala Pelloni

"Annese is a great family company with amazing benefits. At Annese you are rewarded for going above and beyond, and recognized for great teamwork and excellence."

Mike Decker
Managed Services

"I have been in IT for nearly 25 years with various companies. Annese is certainly one of the premier service providers that I have experienced; they just get it."


Working at Annese enters you into a family as positive, thoughtful, and appreciative as your own. At Annese, you have the opportunity to do what you do best, in a promising, engaging environment which cultivates and encourages personal growth and development.