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Boost Your Business

Create a workspace that unlocks creativity and innovation by fostering collaborative experiences between people and teams anytime, from anywhere, and on any device.


Earn Customer Interest and Trust

Consumers today expect personalized service, higher security against identity theft, and greater simplicity in managing their finances. Financial institutions must be able to provide rich, dynamic technology-enabled interactions with their members.


Communication is Critical

In difficult and uncertain times, build a strategy that can navigate distributed communities and multiple networks of information.


Technology is a Lifeline


Healthcare providers face continual pressure to be accessible, affordable, and responsive. That is why they rely on today's advanced technology to achieve essential objectives—better quality of care, improved workflow efficiencies, and protection of patient information.

Higher Ed.

Connect Your Campus

A solid education is ultimately about achieving one thing — employability. Create a connected learning environment that delivers quality education through integrated communications systems.

K-12 Education

Drive Connected Learning

Discover innovative ways to engage students with technology. Extend access to learning and implement new ways to engage your students, enrich the classroom experience, and appeal to today’s connected generation.


School administrators have an eye on technology to help them not only stretch their shrinking budgets, but spawn the proper learning environments to stimulate today’s connected generation.

When a teacher needs to submit their classroom attendance, administrators need to video conference with the superintendent, the nurse needs to scan student health records--simultaneously--network functionality is imperative. We know your districts are in the process of transformation; incorporating these innovative technologies into the classroom, curriculum, and administrative process. Let us help you take advantage of all that technology can enable:

  • increase access to quality education,
  • grow student engagement and improve learning outcomes,
  • reach new learners, and
  • equip and prepare students for the changing world around them.


Each semester, students are walking through the doors of college campuses all across the country with higher expectations and increasing demands from new and emerging technologies.

When a professor's curriculum relies on video conferencing capabilities, when the business official runs a paging notification for the west campus population, when students stream games and videos to their peers, when the dean needs to sends an emergency notification, network functionality is imperative. Let Annese help you capitalize on a truly integrated communications system:

  • More efficient use of personnel allowing the faculty focus to be on the students.
  • Increased availability to networks and tiered storage allowing priority traffic flow.
  • Reduced capital, buildings, and electricity costs by enabling energy-conservation managed services.
  • Improved safety and security for your environments with IP network paging and notification.

State and Local

We live in an unstable world. When the state of our communities are in jeopardy, decisions need to be made and information dispersed in real-time. Waiting for network connectivity and availability is just not an option.

Departments and agencies must find ways to combat a shrinking workforce and constrained budgets, to ensure citizens and public spaces are kept safe at all times. A reliable, integrated communication system is the silent agent working to supplement staff and resources and enable seamless collaboration when it matters most.

  • Increase responsiveness by delivering audio or text messages to government employees, state officials, or to entire communities
  • Improve safety and reducing confusion during emergency situations
  • Enhance confidentiality to government officials with secure messages and alerts
  • Pre-record messages for scheduled reminders or a later delivery
  • Access the situation and connect with the right teams in real-time


As a patient, we know how scary it is to feel as though our bodies have betrayed us. We look to our medical practitioners as beacons of light and hope in those dark times, relinquishing our health and well-being confidently into their hands.

Healthcare professionals worldwide are forced to navigate around the repercussions of today’s rising costs, staffing shortages, and stricter mandates for improved patient care. With the overall well-being of their patients at the highest priority, healthcare workers must be well equipped to make informed, life-threatening decisions often at a moment’s notice. Ensure the best outcome for your patients with an integrated communications system and:

  • have access to important patient information in real-time,
  • enable fast integration of the latest medical technology and applications, and
  • communicate and share data quickly and effectively—from patient records to radiology results.


Your company’s most important asset is its people running the organization. A salesman needs to transact orders to generate revenue, your HR team needs to process payroll, a Lawyer needs to track their time and remain billable.

In today’s fast-paced world, business leaders are quickly recognizing the power that technology can play in helping to supplement resources, streamline processes, and arm staff with intelligent tools to yield productivity and profitability. Many organizations place their trust in Annese to keep their personnel and resources connected. We understand that no two work environments are the same, yet large scale enterprises, small to mid-size businesses, law firms, and manufacturers are each encumbered with similar challenges revolving around:

  • Compliance,
  • Collaboration,
  • Cost Control,
  • Conservation, and
  • Competition.


Consumers have embraced 21st century experiences and technology, and are accustomed to relevant, contextual experiences. Many financial institutions, however, are rooted in 20th century manual processes based on paper documents and brick-and-mortar assets.

By investing in your firm's technology footprint, you can offer your members richer, interactive experiences by:

  • Simplifying the delivery of IT - Creating time-to-value differentiation by enabling the deployment of applications, IT services, or infrastructure in minutes on demand across a financial institution
  • Enriching user experience - Providing a consistent, highly secure, and integrated user experience for financial customers and employees that is enabled by the cloud to connect, communicate, collaborate, and execute business
  • Fostering agility - Creating an ability to respond to business demand as and when needed due to an integrated IT supply chain enabled by a flexible and adaptable cloud
  • Promoting efficiency - Providing maximum return on assets with minimum capital invested through optimal use of people, processes, and technologies with a new cloud delivery paradigm