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Technical Footprint

Any VAR can sell you a new product, but it takes a highly certified team of trusted partners to deliver an end-to-end IT experience. Our service experts are positioned strategically throughout New York State, as depicted in the map below, to ensure our customers have accessibility to the technical resources they need, when they need them. 

With dedicated practice management around our core solutions, and over 77% of our service team holding at least one technical certification, our clients receive increased expertise in each respective technology as well as unified partner engagement with the manufacturers driving today’s market leadership.




“Products will come and go, but people will continue to do business with people. Our most important asset as a company is our customer.”

—Frank J. Annese, Founder

Annese is proud to report an NPS score of 65

Annese asks our customers to rate how likely they are to recommend us to a colleague using a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high). Subtracting the percentage of Detractors (0-6) from the percentage of Promoters (9-10) yields the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which can range from a low of -100 to a high of 100.

According to NPS best practices, a score of 65 is considered excellent. “Based on the global NPS standards, any score above 0 would be considered 'good', 50 and above being 'excellent', while 70 and above is considered 'world class'."


See the world differently.pngSightLine Conference

The SightLine conference exemplifies all that Annese stands for—our commitment to innovation, our focus on thought leadership, and our passion for making connections. We are bringing together the industry’s leading IT minds and our own subject-matter experts for innovative breakouts, an inspiring keynote, unique networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, and so much more.

Don’t miss the most exciting IT technology conference of the year: SightLine2017.com