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This blog seeks to answer all of your burning tech questions. The articles, written by our team of diverse subject matter experts, dissect the most transformational topics shaping today's IT industry and rippling through the markets we serve. Annese strives to be your source for technology news and education.

9 Roadblocks to Cloud Adoption in the Financial Sector

Written by The Annese Team on 4/5/16 4:33 PM

Many companies are hesitant about switching to a cloud computing model. As with any new technology deployment, you've got your share of early adopters; however, the majority of people tend to tread cautiously and test out small, pilot projects before moving to wide scale ...

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5 Reasons Most Financial Firms Still Don't Have a Cloud Migration Strategy

Written by The Annese Team on 3/23/16 3:40 PM

Cloud computing is unquestionably the dominant technology trend today. It offers the promise of cost savings from outsourced infrastructure management, plus the additional benefits of agility and scalability. For an industry like financial services, known for being burdened ...

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Top Cloud Adoption Trends in the Financial Sector

Written by The Annese Team on 3/16/16 1:02 PM

Financial services firms want the same benefits from using the cloud as other businesses today: increased agility in implementing technical responses to changing business needs, easier support and maintenance of their computing infrastructure, and reduced capital costs ...

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