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This blog seeks to answer all of your burning tech questions. The articles, written by our team of diverse subject matter experts, dissect the most transformational topics shaping today's IT industry and rippling through the markets we serve. Annese strives to be your source for technology news and education.

How to Decide between Cloud-Based vs. On-Premises Collaboration

Written by Phil Birmingham on 7/20/17 10:21 AM

If there was a one-size-fits-all conferencing tool, cloud-based collaboration would never have been developed, or it would have emerged as the only obvious answer. The conversation about cloud vs. on premises collaboration is as lively as ever, which is a clear sign that ...

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Trusted Options for UC & Contact Center in the Wake of Avaya's Chapter 11 Announcement

Written by Ryan Gebauer on 5/1/17 1:23 PM

It’s 2017, and if we’ve learned anything from successful companies like Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and IBM over the past decade, it is this: if you don’t have a cloud strategy, you will not survive. Earlier this year, Avaya filed for bankruptcy as it accumulated over ...

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6 Signs It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Workplace Collaboration Tools

Written by Emily Bernabei on 11/13/16 10:19 AM

Welcome to the 21st century. Communication is evolving drastically as the new forms of writing have emerged as texting and typing, and FaceTiming or Skyping have replaced basic phone calls. Why wouldn’t we accept the opportunity to evolve our ways of interacting to be more ...

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Cisco Spark: What It Is And Why You Need It

Written by Kara Rudy on 1/25/16 1:17 PM

In this day and age, collaboration in business is a way of life. I can't remember what I did before Jabber, or WebEx, or even Single Number Reach. It seems archaic to not have instant validiation of an idea, or to have to talk on the phone and imagine what the other ...

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How to Calculate the ROI of a Voice Over IP (VoIP) Deployment

Written by Phil Birmingham on 11/13/15 11:45 AM

VoIP, or Voice over IP, is sometimes used interchangeably with IP Telephony, and to some it may mean the same thing, but in reality, there is a difference. Some PBX (Private Branch Exchange) vendors will install a card that can send voice over the WAN as IP traffic in order ...

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The Road to Office 365: Lessons Learned from an IT Manager

Written by Rob Buckland on 8/6/15 9:31 AM

This post is the first in a recurring IT Manager series with best practices shared and lessons learned from Annese's internal deployments. In the spring of 2015, Annese made the shift from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 as its primary collaboration platform. As with ...

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