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How ResNet is Transforming College Students' Mobile Experience on Campus and in the Dorms

Posted by Jason Beiter on 5/17/16 8:44 AM

As we've seen colleges across the state build and maintain enterprise wireless solutions on campus, we've noticed a common need to provide an experience equally as robust in the residence halls. We know designing wireless for a campus equals high-density, open areas, and a multitude of devices. We also know that providing quality Residential Network (ResNet) experiences comes with its own set of challenges.

Annese has a long history working with higher education institutions supporting a range of technology needs. Recently, we’ve launched an offering to provide ResNet IT services after noticing a gap in traditional offerings, because let's face it, residence halls revolve today around Internet and TV services.

Our goal is to offer students a similar residential mobile experience as if they were at home. This is heavily dependent on streaming and real-time applications. To do this, we have leveraged our ecosystem of partners and solutions to build around our own service expertise, with Cisco Meraki cloud technology leading the way. Annese has a history of supporting our clients remotely through our ARMS team, but supporting wireless environments and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives has proven to be a challenge due to the nature of Wi-Fi and the multitude and variety of devices that students bring with them to College these days.

The insights gleaned from our dashboard helps to overcome these challenges. We can easily monitor and maintain the campus' network infrastructure but also provide additional elements, such as:

  • Spectrum Visibility

  • Network Traffic Visibility

  • Access Controls

  • Historical Trends

  • Client Details and Statistics

This data lends to an even deeper layer of troubleshooting capabilities with better design validation, growth planning, and more control over the network. Historically, this type of data collection has required numerous tools, and the correlation has never been as robust. Today, we have access to the visibility needed to maintain a stable environment as well as respond quickly to issues that affect the infrastructure, devices, and end-users.

For example, if a student reports an issue with the network, the solution provider would have at one time been reliant on the user to explain what they are experiencing and, at best, perform relatively basic device-troubleshooting. With this powerful solution, we can now see exactly where an issue is stemming from and if it is related to signal strength, authentication, or latency. We can see if an access point is down or if there are downstream network related issues. We can also see which content users are accessing most often and prioritize as needed. This data can be communicated to the leaders of ResLife services at the College which is ideal for planning and understanding their student population's specific needs.

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