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Posts by Rus Healy

5 Reasons Why Moving to the Cloud Without a Partner Can Cost You Serious Time and Money

Written by Rus Healy on 3/9/16 1:16 PM

When it comes to the public cloud, two camps have formed: Those who embrace it, and those who shy away from it. Some of those in the latter camp have kicked the tires in the public cloud but haven’t widely or strategically adopted it. Some have pulled out entirely for a ...

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The 5 Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Written by Rus Healy on 2/10/16 10:56 AM

One of the greatest benefits of the cloud lies in its agility. For organizations ready to migrate one or more applications, the journey to the cloud can be just as flexible and customizable. Small businesses, large enterprises, healthcare facilities, government agencies, ...

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The Top 5 Risks of Moving to the Cloud

Written by Rus Healy on 4/29/15 1:08 PM

Cloud services are more than legitimate—they’re the future of most things we traditionally think of as on-premises systems. Yet, everything comes with risk. Here are the factors top of mind for most CIOs when considering a move to cloud: 1. Security Every IT shop’s looming ...

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