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This blog seeks to answer all of your burning tech questions. The articles, written by our team of diverse subject matter experts, dissect the most transformational topics shaping today's IT industry and rippling through the markets we serve. Annese strives to be your source for technology news and education.

Posts by Christina Nordquist

7 Things You Need to Know to Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Written by Christina Nordquist on 6/29/17 12:02 PM

We live in a global village today with the advent of the Internet. Yesterday, Annese teamed up with our partner, GreyCastle Security, to deliver a webinar on The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This mandate, which will go into effect on May 1, 2018, has been ...

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Public Safety Organizations & Cybersecurity: 10 Questions they Should be Asking Themselves

Written by Christina Nordquist on 5/10/17 11:59 AM

Unlike the countless other threats currently facing our country, cyberattacks on citizens can have instant, wide-ranging consequences. No country, industry, community, or individual is immune.  Across America, more than 800,000 law enforcement officers work to keep our ...

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4 Things to Look Forward to at SightLine 2016

Written by Christina Nordquist on 9/13/16 1:30 PM

The SightLine 2016 Conference is bringing together the industry’s leading IT minds for two days of innovative breakout sessions, an inspiring keynote by world-renowned futurist Daniel Burrus, hands-on workshops, live music and exciting performances, and many unique ...

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A Partner's View on the 2016 Ingram Micro Acquisition

Written by Christina Nordquist on 3/4/16 11:44 AM

On February 17th, IT distributor Ingram Micro announced it had been acquired by China’s Tianjin Tianhai Investment Co. for roughly six billion dollars in a move that rocked the technology world.   Sales Support Manager Shala Pelloni who works closely with Ingram Micro on ...

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The Top 10 Most-Read Technology Blog Posts from 2015

Written by Christina Nordquist on 12/29/15 10:43 AM

As we count down the days to 2016, we can't help but look back on the content shared over the past year and note which topics were of the most interest to our Annese Family Secrets blog readers. From a trending perspective, it appears that emerging areas such as cloud and ...

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9 Policies Your IT Security Plan Needs to Have [Free Template]

Written by Christina Nordquist on 11/10/15 2:14 PM

There are two questions we get all the time from customers around IT security policies: We have a policy, but is it comprehensive enough? We don't have a policy and know we need one, but where do we start? Verizon has reported over 2,000 data breaches so far this year with ...

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The 10 Best "Back to the Future" Day Articles About Tech Innovation

Written by Christina Nordquist on 10/23/15 2:26 PM

A Look at Technology: Past, Present, and Future This week marked "Back to the Future" day in which Marty McFly and Doc Brown time traveled from 1985 into the futuristic world of 2015. While the movie offered some accurate predictions into what a 2015 world would look like ...

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12 Inspiring Quotes About Success from Today's Tech Leaders

Written by Christina Nordquist on 10/5/15 3:44 PM

Here's a sampling of our favorite nuggets of wisdom from the industry's most arguably successful leaders: 1. "What we need to do is always lean into the future; when the world changes around you and when it changes against you - what used to be a tail wind is now a head ...

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Key Metrics to Look at When Measuring Cybersecurity Awareness

Written by Christina Nordquist on 9/30/15 2:37 PM

In the second of our three part Cybersecurity Awareness webinar series, Annese teamed up with GreyCastle Security's Chief Security Strategist Dan Didier to share important tips for measuring the effectiveness of your employee cybersecurity awareness program. If you missed ...

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