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Any VAR can sell you a piece of equipment or a new technology but it takes a highly certified team of trusted experts to deliver you an end-to-end IT experience.

With practice management around Cloud, Security, Mobility, Collaboration, and Data Center Virtualization solutions, you receive:

  • Focus and clarity around our sales and service capability.
  • Increased expertise with dedicated subject matter experts within these competencies.
  • Unified partner engagement with the manufacturers driving today’s market leadership.


Deliver applications, data, and IT resources to users over the Internet or a private network. 



Reach information security equilibrium before, during, and after an attack.



Power network automation and intelligence.



Support dynamic, real-time collaborative experiences with Voice, Video, and Messaging technology.


Data Center Virtualization

Enable the transition to cloud-based computing with Server and Desktop Virtualization, Storage, and Disaster Preparedness strategies.


  • APC, Cisco, Citrix
  • Dell, Ensemble, F5
  • DocuSign, NetApp, Singlewire
  • Sungard, Trend Micro, VMware
  • Commvault, OneConnect, Amazon

Assess the

Annese believes an assessment is the crucial first step in identifying the existing state of your IT environment.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific IT challenges that you'll need to overcome, and ensure your goals are met with detailed assessments for Infrastructure, Wireless, Collaboration, and Data Center Virtualization solutions.




group completing a data center assessment


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