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The Next Level of Support

Simply applying new technology onto your existing network is not enough for you to fully operate on today’s cutting edge. You must also meet broader challenges by considering how Annese’s integrated communications systems can truly transform the way you work.

Annese will pre-load all of your maintenance contract information including locations, contacts, types of equipment, and equipment serial numbers into the e-help desk portal system. Then, should a trouble ticket need to be created, you can simply log in and submit your claim. A confirmation e-mail will notify you and simultaneously assign a ticket to one of our highly trained and certified engineers for prompt remediation.

What You Get

Receive advanced knowledge of maintenance offerings and services by manufacturer, as well as:

  • a dedicated team with intimate knowledge of your contract service levels acting as your single point of contact for any maintenance issues and support,

  • a Welcome Packet created specifically for you containing all the information you need to know,

  • contract registration to ensure accurate coverage,

  • maintenance of your customer information, and

  • activation all of your unified communications software subscriptions.


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