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You're in the Driver's Seat

We understand that Contract Management is a pain point for many of our customers. Keeping track of multiple inventory lists, licenses, warranties, service levels, important dates and parts numbers, and numerous other details pertaining to your many contracts can be daunting, time consuming, and expensive.

Annese is proud to offer customers a solid contract management service to alleviate this frustration and streamline your process, providing clear insight into all information relating to your IT assets through a centralized, web-enabled dashboard with a mobile app for your device.

What You Get

A proven contract management tool will put you back in the driver’s seat, giving you:

  • Visibility into upcoming renewals
  • The information needed for more accurate forecasting
  • Proactive notifications about upcoming renewals
  • Last date of support dates
  • Location of equipment
  • Historical record of equipment
  • Level of support service
  • The ability to capture unlimited fields
  • Ability to run customized reporting


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