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Help, I've Been Breached!

Annese's Breach Resolution strategies consist of the following steps:

1. Security Operation Center (SOC): 
Provides unlimited remediation support and consultation. When an incident is identified, this team will take the necessary steps to mitigate the threat before damage is done, including making configuration changes on managed devices or simply working hand-in-hand with your team until the issue is resolved. The Annese team works closely in a true collaborative environment, enabling faster and more accurate detection and response to security incidents.

2. Computer Incident Response: The Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) investigates and resolves security incidents. A security incident occurs when an unauthorized entity gains access to computing or network services, equipment or data. The CIRT process includes, but is not limited to:

  • isolating the compromised system from the network,

  • preserving the evidence,

  • cleaning up and restoring the system,

  • notifying the impacted resources, and

  • evaluating how the situation was handled.

3. Lessons Learned: A Lessons Learned process is one that crosses functional boundaries and allows an organization to learn from both its mistakes and its successes. This should be an instrumental part of any organization’s overall “continuous improvement” strategy.

4. Brand Retention: Proper communication to internal and external constituents both during and after a data breach is imperative in upholding the brand’s reputation and keeping the organization compliant from a governance perspective.

Once the breach has been properly mitigated, your security approach continues onto our breach prevention strategies, forming the attack continuum.


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